Call: 800.863.5161


July 2017 Local Move MI to MI Gloria H. 

Gary Miller came to give estimate. Spent 45 minutes with me and viewed entire apt and gave good advice on future packing and organizing. Explained how moving process works, with estimate, day of move and how to keep costs down. Also very good with email feedback and answering our many questions prior to move day. Felt he spent the time with me and didn’t rush, did great job. Very satisfied with him and company and would highly recommend.

Marissa Cronk was our coordinator for our move and did great job! Super nice and easy to talk too and really put us at ease with what to expect complete with helpful hints on packing and some used boxes and packing paper. She called when she said she would and followed up with us on day of move and sometime after offering any assistance. Highly recommend her and company!


July 2017 Interstate TX to MI Bill B.

There is no way to accurately state how good our driver was. He is absolutely the best I have ever encountered. He is an outstanding representation of your company.

Alvie – Driver – He was exceptional with every step of our move. He made my wife and I feel extremely comfortable with the move. He was extremely respectful and kind and ensured his crews followed his model. Pack and Load Team – This crew worked exceptionally hard at taking care of our belongings. In a couple of cases they spent extra time ensuring items were well protected to ensure they were taken care of during the move.

July 2017 Interstate MI to CA Ilene W.

They were an extraordinary crew! Seely was a great manager and Jamal and Tyler were such hard workers. All three men worked very hard to move all our furniture and protect each piece so it wouldn’t get damaged

John Hopkins was very professional when he came to our home and gave us an estimate. Lina Williams was extraordinary and called often to inform us of the schedule and what to expect. Her follow-up is amazing! The moving crew in Michigan was exceptional and the crew in California was good, although no one could compare to Seely, Jamal and Tyler!! If I had a company I would want them as my employees.

July 2017 Intrastate MI to MI  Mary E. 

This company promised and delivered top notch moving services. Upholstered pieces were wrapped in plastic, floor services were protected and banisters were wrapped with blankets.  Staff from the assessor, moving crew and moving coordinator were professional and personable. If I needed to move again, these would be the people to call.

July 2017 Long Distance MI to TN Carl J.

Coordination and personal contact from Gary and Marissa made a world of difference. This was a first for us and they kept us informed of each step. Marissa Cronk for exceptional coordination efforts. Jack the driver for working the hardest of anyone in our behalf. Driver led the process and did a lot of the work himself, this made the process more efficient at both ends since he was familiar with what was on the truck.



July 2017 Interstate MI to GA Francis M

With regards to the estimating process, Joe (estimator) and Lina (move coordinator) at Premier Relocations were incredibly helpful in helping to update our inventory as I continued to add and remove items up to the move date. Joe also did his best to provide us with as many at cost and used packing materials as possible (on his own time) to help us reduce our moving expenses. The coordination was seamless and we were very appreciative that our driver, Jamie, kept in touch with us during the transport. The entire team was polite, most especially our driver Jamie, and seemed to work quite efficiently despite the heat of the day. Jamie arrived early at our home (taking care not to damage and of the trees on our street!) and completed a walk through to ensure he was clear on what required extra care and what should and shouldn’t be packed. Jamie, our driver, arrived in Georgia a day before our scheduled delivery to drop off another load. Before calling it a night, he stopped by our new home to assess the property and get a sense of how and where to deliver our possessions. This definitely seemed above and beyond his required duties. While we also found our delivery team to be polite and respectful, I feel like Ethan and Mike put in that little extra effort in chatting with us and even making some suggestions on how to place furniture! They made the delivery process quite enjoyable. Overall, the best aspects of this relocation were (1) the feeling that I didn’t need to oversee ANY of the pick up or drop off because I could sense we were in good hands and (2) effortless and open communication with all members of the move team; changes to the inventory were no sweat, I knew everyone’s name, knew exactly where and when I was needed and our quote price didn’t change on the day of or after the move. Jamie, our driver, really took time with us to ensure our possessions were taken care of and that we were kept in the scheduling loop. He seemed to work very efficiently (not really even wanting to break!) and we felt that he easily took charge of the pick up and delivery logistics, asking only for clarification from us on necessities. We feel that he went above and beyond the duties of his position by assessing our new home on his personal time to ensure smooth delivery. And above all I don’t know that I have every spoken to someone more polite than Jamie! Ethan and Mike, who assisted Jamie at delivery, we felt should also be recognized. They performed their duties as would be expected but the fact that they took a moment here and there to chat, to make suggestions about furniture placement, to readily move pieces to different rooms when asked made it that much more of a pleasant experience.


July 2017 Long Distance MI to TN Larry D

Driver and crew were excellent. Very friendly, helpful and efficient. Alvie, the driver was great. He was very polite, and gave thorough explanations of the process. We could tell that he was good with his crew. They really acted as a team.


February 2017 Long Distance MI to NM Ann and Dennis N

John (estimator) was great! He answered all our questions thoroughly and re estimated without complaint when we changed our minds about bringing somethings. Ryan (driver) and his crews both in Michigan and in New Mexico were the best! They were professional while still being helpful. We felt as if friends were moving our things. This was a fantastic experience. From the thoroughness and professionalism of John from Premier in Novi MI and Ryan our moving guy and his crews to the nice lady who called on the phone several times to make sure all was well to the pricing that beat all the other movers we contacted. I would and have recommended Mayflower to anyone moving.


June 2017 Interstate WI to MI Jeremy S

It all went very smoothly. I was very pleased. I was impressed with Al’s (driver) leadership. He was attentive to his workers needs yet demanded excellence. It was so hot that day and delivery was on the third floor. He made sure all was well before leaving. There was a fourth worker, but his name slips my memory. He was very good as well.

July 2017 Intrastate MI to MI Janet S

John (estimator) is great!! He kept in constant contact and made sure that all questions were answered. Awesome crew. Great job.


July 2017 LocalMI to MI  Doug G

Gary (estimator) was very helpful and provided excellent tips to help us through the packing and move process. Marissa (move coordinator) was a pleasure to work with and was very knowledgeable.


July 2017 Local MI to MI Angela K

Marissa (move coordinator) is always great. I think I have worked with her 3 times now. Always professional!


July 2017 Interstate MI to NC Joe R

It all went smoothly. My driver, Steve Szczepaniuk was every bit the professional that could be expected. Delivery was quick, a mere 5 days, and so far found nothing damaged.


April 2017 Long Distance TN to MI Tamara S

Team that packed us was GREAT! Very professional and very respectful. I would recommend that team every time! Both the move out of state and the delivery of our items – drivers/packers were friendly, courteous and punctual. Smoothest move ever! Both teams – packing and delivery – every single one of them deserve to recognized for the friendliness, professionalism and attitudes. We couldn’t be happier.


June 2017 Long Distance MI to CA Rodney H

Everything flowed exactly as promised.


June 2017 Intrastate OH to OH Steve C

They (the crew) worked very hard, it was a tough move from one old house into another. Hot day, bulky furniture, tight access. Very good effort and much appreciated.


June 2017 Interstate MI to RI Anna P

Melissa (move coordinator) was OUTSTANDING. Very communicative and even called me back to answer my annoying questions. As I mentioned in a previous comment, Kristin was amazing. Unfortunately, one of the other movers was still – but Kristin made up for it 10 fold! Our overall move experience was great. When moving out, Kristin, who was part of the team moving us, was AMAZING. Smart, Organized and exceptional at her job. She was paired with 2 other people who were not nearly as strong as she was. She was the reason our move out went smoothly!


June 2017 Interstate MI to DE Don T

Everything was great overall. Efficiently packed, loaded, and unloaded. Dave and Chris – packers/loaders, John and ? – delivery/unloading: All were efficient and performed excellent work. Very cooperative with my specific requests for information, grouping of items, and item placement in the new home.


June 2017 Local MI to MI Alicia O

They were exceptional. If I moved again, I would call and ask specifically for this crew. Rob, Krysten, Matt and Tyler.


May 2017 Long Distance GA to AR Leitha S

The delivery guys were GREAT! The driver was friendly and so was his assistant. They put my furniture exactly where I wanted and set up everything I needed them to. GREAT SERVICE! All the packers and delivery guys were great. If I had to move across country again I would want the same driver. He was excellent!


June 2017 Long Distance MI to AZ Al and Linda C 

Joe (estimator) was fantastic. When possible if there were used boxes available he shared with us. We stretch wrapped most of the stuff ourselves, artificial trees etc. Joe was very accessible and always there for us. He was great. We packed most of our boxes, but the ones they packed were more professional and were labeled. They were great. Jason Nelson was fantastic. By the time I read his inventory notes and condition…. I was wondering why I was even taking any of my belongings. He is very thorough. Also he is very aware of the time of the activities….and keeps everything on schedule. He can pack a truck like a jigsaw puzzle getting the most into the space allowed. He is fantastic. I was not able to get to Phoenix in time for the unload into our semi accessible storage unit. Our son was available for that and he only had glowing remarks about Jason Nelson for his management skills, his prowess at loading the storage unit to get the most into the space provided. He couldn’t say enough great about Jason. Joe our estimator was very professional and had great information and understood everything we were telling him…. since it was a 4 bedroom house but we were not taking 1 bedroom worth of furniture etc. The packers/movers were great, very efficient and FAST and careful. It was a lot of work for they had a shuttle truck in between. Delivery in Phoenix we could not make, so our son was there, he said they were fantastic… they loaded and packed our storage unit professionally and he could not believe they got it all in there. The guy even swapped out a guy he did not think was doing the job right. We are very pleased, everything ran so smooth it was wonderful. Use our name and number whenever you need a reference, we love you and your service. Joe  for his straightforward talk and professionalism in our estimate and answering our questions. Jason for his care and concern for our belongings as if they were his own. They are both great ambassadors for the Mayflower Movers. You should be very glad you have them both, they are worth every penny you are paying the and more. Please give out our names and number as a reference we are really pleased to give you praise.


June 2017 Insterstate MI to WI Michael O 

Robin was very thorough and explained the estimate thoroughly. Great job, quick, efficient, and customer friendly, Al and his team were awesome.


June 2017 Interstate MI to IN Whitney H

Lina (move coordinator) and Michelle were awesome. So helpful and offered prompt responses to all of my questions. I can’t say enough positive things about the movers. They were great. Worked so hard. Friendly, considerate, professional. They were amazing. I felt confident from my first interaction with John (estimator), and the confidence remained throughout the entire move. I have two sets of twins, and everyone was very concerned about making the move as easy as possible for me.


June 2017 Interstate KS to TX Jake H

Great communication throughout the moving process from setting up the move to final delivery. Professional service during the move. Continual feedback to ensure we were comfortable and to check if there was anything else you all could do. Definitely relieved some of the stress of moving. Sandy – excellent coordination of the move and clear communication of the schedule. She also followed up consistently with us to make sure the move was progressing as planned. Dustin – handled our move and was efficient, professional, knowledgeable and punctual. Couldn’t have asked for better.

May 2017 Long Distance MI to SC Pat F

Good Service. I was very satisfied with the whole move.


May 2017 Interstate IN to MI Dan T

We were impressed that the moving surveyor remembered moving our close friends (who moved 5 months ago from our town) by name. It showed us his effort to maintain good customer relationships. These guys work so very hard! I think they enjoy egging on each other about their strength and speed to make the work more enjoyable. But they push themselves a bit too much sometimes. If they had slowed down just a little it would have been less stressful watching them whip our stuff through doorways and down stairs. We liked how the beds were reassembled before they left. One bed didn’t have the bolts tightened properly, however. It must have been missed–the other two beds were assembled perfectly. The movers were willing to place and replace heavy items to where we wanted to try them out. That was a lovely service offer. We only had one mishap that resulted from a slip (again, I think from trying to move too quickly). It was resolved as the mover quickly told his boss about it and we were informed of the situation. Overall, fabulous! The crew was on time, professional and hardworking. They were personable, helpful and respectful listeners. We were very impressed by the driver and the how the crew interacted with one another and with him. Our goods arrived in very good shape and were arranged in the new house quickly and at the time promised. They even delivered our piano down the street to our son’s home at the end of the delivery when everyone was tired and ready to leave with good cheer and care. We enjoyed working with this team! I wish I had gotten more names, but the driver Eddie, was fantastic. All the rest of the guys (and one woman who packed with them) were wonderful and we enjoyed having them in our home(s). Each one interacted with us, was respectful, made jokes, inquired as to how we were doing, worked like beavers, and made our move as enjoyable as it could possibly have been. I think they were honest about how much they liked our houses (or do they say that to everyone?) 😉 It was fun to have them around. They were an excellent crew and we commend them for their work ethic and respect for Eddie. We would recommend their work to anyone! Give them all a bonus!

June 2017 Long Distance MI to OR Brandon C

Relocated for work from Michigan to Portland, OR and everyone I dealt with was amazing. Gary who generated my quote and Marissa who was my move coordinator did an outstanding job. With a move this big, they did everything to make it as smooth as possible. The movers in Michigan were so friendly and helpful as were the movers in Portland. Thank you for a great experience!

May 2017 Interstate AL to MI David M

Everyone we had contact with were very helpful. Ben (Driver), did an excellent job at supervising and keeping the crew working efficiently including working hard himself. We were very impressed. Ben took great care in bringing the truck safely into position for unloading and worked efficiently in supervising his crew. All the men worked very hard, and were always polite and willing to accommodate our wishes. Al and Ben were excellent crew members.


May 2017 Intrastate MI to MI Joanna S

Dave and the other movers were excellent!


May 2017 Interstate OH to WI Connie G

The Driver managed the move and the crew very well. I appreciated the care they took to protect my articles and the house. The Driver should be recognized for his exceptional performance.


May 2017 Interstate NY to OH Michelle E

Marissa should be recognized for her outstanding customer service; follow thru was excellent along with constant communication in a timely manner. I chose to use Premier a 2nd time due to the service Marissa and Gary (estimator) provided.


May 2017 Local MI to MI Elizabeth D

This was a very good experience (if moving can be).


May 2017 Long Distance NM to MI Sandra D

Shane (my driver) was OUTSTANDING in every way! A true professional!! I could not have hoped for a better experience! Every single aspect of the move was dealt with extreme professionalism of everyone involved. I was particularly impressed by John (move coordinator) from Premier Relocations  and Shane. Both people were outstanding!! John provided EXCEPTIONAL service throughout the entire relocation process. He was reliable, extremely clear in all his explanations, he was extremely fast to respond to all my queries, he kept me updated on the status of my shipment every step of the way (both within and outside of office hours). He totally minimized the stress that comes with relocating at a long distance. In every way, John’s performance surpassed all my expectations!! In addition to John, Shane, my driver provided exceptional service. He kept me constantly updated on date/time of pick-up/delivery of my shipment, he took total care of all my belongings. At no point during the pick-up/delivery was I ever worried or concerned that something would get broken or damaged. At the delivery stage, Shane carefully put together all my furniture. Everything was intact. I am so impressed with Shane’s performance that I feel my words cannot do justice to the quality of his service. I sincerely hope that both John and Shane will be recognized for their service at the highest possible level. The dedication and professionalism they demonstrated while working on my relocation was truly amazing!


May 2017 Interstate MI to MO Larry and Nancy V

Very pleased with all aspects of the move—Gary (estimator) provided a quality estimate, Marissa (move coordinator) was a valued representative that answered many questions, and Terry (driver/mover) was excellent to work with.


May 2017 Long Distance MI to FL Ray S

Marissa (move coordinator) was attentive and expedited our needs. 5 stars for her performance. Our driver, Jason, was awesome! His crew was efficient, polite and thorough. As in Michigan, the crew Jason selected were hard working, efficient, and polite. Sales, office and field staff were very informative and helpful. Answered all questions and offered helpful advice.


May 2017 Long Distance MI to AZ Ronald W

Everything was handled great. Problem resolved when items left behind after the truck was loaded and gone. Robin (estimator)-very thorough and helpful. Melissa (move coordinator)-resolved problem of left behind items and sent form and information for reporting missing/damaged items. Crews at both ends very friendly and professional


May 2017 Interstate MI to OH Raymond G

This was a fairly quick move from the time I contacted you guys. I had just put Mom in assisted living & wanted to get her stuff down to her so she would be comfortable. I had limited time to be in Michigan without burning more vacation, and you were able to accommodate that with no issues. The folks at both ends of the move were professional & polite. everything arrived as it left.


May 2017 Long distance MI to TN Deborah H

Both teams were very professional and did a great job of protecting my item.


April 2017 Long Distance MI to NE Karla P

Joe (Estimator) was great to work with. Al, Sam, and Greg were amazing. Very careful, very fast, and wonderful to work with. They took care of our belongings better that I would have packed them. Al is the best driver/loading supervisor I’ve encountered in the past three moves with Mayflower. While I would miss having him on the road, I would recommend that you use him to train other drivers and packing/loading crews. He techniques are the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone at Premier Mayflower was professional, kind, caring, and easy to communicate with and interact with.



May 2017 Interstate MI to IL Gary and Delores P

Well done. The team was thoughtful, considerate, and efficient


April 2017 Long Distance OH to FL Cassi C

The packing went smoothly. They were actually pretty fast. They packed all of our glass really well making sure that it would not break. Ben and Albert explained everything to us. They were very professional. They were also a lot of fun. I enjoyed their sense of humor. Our move went very smoothly. They packed our glass on a Monday. Then Ben and Albert loaded on Tuesday. They were very careful with our belongings. They worked hard. They were cheerful and professional. We are very glad that we trusted them with our possessions.


May 2017 Intrastate MI to MI Jason H

Very accommodating and professional. Went above and beyond.


April 2017Long Distance MI to AZ Ives P

The driver was excellent and managed the load and unload very well. The crew on the delivery end was not very careful when moving boxes to the correct room. They might have 5 boxes and take the all to one room sometimes. We have noted this since we started unpacking. They were all very professional and part of the problem was poor labeling on our part. Not a single issue with the origin crew.


April 2017Long Distance OH to OR Nagi N

Definitely would recommend. The interactions and the people were thoroughly professional and very helpful, from beginning to end.


April 2017 Intrastate MI to MI Frank M

Joe (estimator) did an excellent job! Very detailed and responsive. Bruce was the team leader and did an outstanding job. The other team members were also great. Load and unload went very quickly and smoothly. Entire crew did an excellent job!!


March 2017 Long Distance OH to TX   Donald M

The timing of the move was great and we were able to move from one house to another although it was many states away. All of the people we worked with made us feel special. Alvie, the driver, did a great job managing the teams on both ends of the move and pointed out any concerns along the way.


March 2017 Interstate MI to IL Robert Z

Very pleased no complaints Driver and crew very dedicated to please.

March 2017 Interstate MI to FL Christine B

Overall the move was flawless. The guys were awesome. Very professional and efficient, also very nice. I would definitely use them again.


March 2017 Long Distance MI to UT Jonathan P

Good experience. People walked me through each step


March 2017 Long Distance MI to CA Joan T

Lina (move coordinator) was very helpful throughout the entire process. My overall experience was very good. Lina was especially helpful and courteous. The packers and movers in Michigan were good. Also the movers here in Monterey county were very good.


February 2017 Interstate MI to PA Robert and Linda F

Nick, Randy and Art did a great job. They were very professional and went out of their way to make sure that I was happy with the move.


February 2017 Interstate MI to FL Venki and Indi N

The move was well coordinated and smooth. Our things were delivered in a timely manner. The men who packed, moved, and delivered our things did a clean and professional job.


February Intrastate MI to MI Nancy P

The packing crew members were amazing! They worked so hard and so fast that I was astonished. They were polite, helpful and willing to explain anything I didn’t understand.  The same applies to the moving crew. Keep doing what you’re doing!


February 2017 Interstate NC to MI Daniel H

Ben and his crews were quick and professional.


February 2017 Long Distance   MI to AZ Dennis and Ann D

Our driver was exceptional. Al had a wonderful sense of humor and definitely knew what he was doing. He helped reduce our stress and kept us laughing. Our Delivery Driver was the same as our Loading Driver and we were thrilled. He worked well with the team at our new home and kept us all in good spirits. We were very pleased and impressed with the service we received from all representatives of Mayflower. We needed extra help and Mayflower was right there. Lina – move coordinator. Lina was so organized and helpful. She definitely knew what we needed and kept us on track.

February 2017 Interstate NC to MI Sarah T

The driver Ben was also great, got my goods safely transported and ahead of schedule.


January 2017 Intrastate MI to MD Paul T

Mark (driver) was completely professional and personable and considerate throughout the moving process.

January 2017 Long Distance Michael D

Joe (estimator), was great timely and very knowledgeable. Came back for a second time to update the quote.  Movers were very organized. The movers were excellent, Nice, fast and hard working. One wasn’t going to make the trip so he said goodbye before they took off. Excellent front line customer service! Andy and moving crew deserve special recognition- excellent delivery, very personable, kept me informed the entire way. Went above and beyond helping us move in and being understanding of us in a new place, even though they were on a schedule and had to get somewhere next.



January 2017 Interstate CO to TN Ebony W

Ben (driver) was absolutely amazing. Very personable, and made me feel completely taken care of through the packing and delivery of my items. Superb job by him and his delivery crew


January 2017 Interstate MI to TN Elyssa and Tim G

John the estimator, Lina the coordinator, and Jack the driver all deserve special recognition.


January 2017 Long Distance MI to CA Sabra B

The Mayflower team was excellent from first to last. No problems.



January 2017 Interstate MI to SC Richard and Melissa L

The entire team worked very efficiently packing and loading. They were all very polite and their work was certainly cut out for them considering we had a snow storm and sleeting rain. They did a super job! Thanks for making our move that much easier


January 2017 Long Distance MI to CA Joe D

All 3 people we worked with — Joe (estimator) to begin, then Elizabeth (move coordinator) and our lead mover George, were all fantastic. George accommodated my request to speed up delivery. Went out of his way to make it happen.


January 2017 Long Distance MI to CA Elliott and Ile W

John Hopkins, who we had worked with when he was at Stevens Moving, was the person who came to the house and explained the move. We called him because we had been so happy working with him on another move. Lina (move coordinator) then contacted me to explain specific details. The movers who arrived in Michigan to move us were punctual and were very professional, and so were the people that disassembled the wall unit. When our furniture arrived in California we were contacted, and we were given a time that the movers would arrive and the company was going to arrive to assemble the wall unit as per our arrangement with Mayflower. Everything went very smoothly. Larry, the person in charge of the move, was so professional and personable. That is a winning combination in an employee. I called Lina, who was always professional, and I told her we were so happy with the company who assembled the wall unit. I asked her to contact them and tell them that we wanted to hire them for additional work. They came and assembled another wall unit for us. We were delighted!!! EXCELLENT!!! Everything arrived in perfect condition!!!


January 2017 Local MI to MI Tamara S

Robin (estimator) gave us some great cost saving advise that made the move easier. We packed most of our belongings ourselves. The crew just needed to wrap the large items (cabinets, dressers, etc.) to protect them. Everything was handled with care. Loved our crew! They were so nice and I felt very comfortable with them. They treated our new home with respect (while delivery people from other companies actually damaged doorways and ceilings). I can’t explain how much I appreciated our crew. We had several bad experiences with our move with delivery people and were dreading the moving of the contents of our home. Not to worry, these guys were pros! Please let them know how much I appreciated their professionalism.


December 2016 Interstate MI to MI Mandy W

We had a fantastic crew! Friendly, time effective, helpful


December 2016 Local MI to MI Mark P

The packing crews were very good – they asked questions to verify anything that wasn’t totally clear, they were energetic and communicated well.


November 2016 Long Distance NH to OR Doug and Tana W

Everyone on the team was very helpful. Our overall experience with Mayflower was very wonderful. Everyone did a great job and Fred (salesperson) was very helpful in getting us the service we needed for our move.


December 2016 Interstate MI to AZ Paul N

Happy with all Aspects

November 2016 Long Distance NY to GA Hossein G

Follow up and on time commitment was very important for me. Definitely would recommend


December 2016 Intrastate MI to MI David L

Excellent Service. Just want to thank the management team and especially the movers. Outstanding group of guys, very professional.


November 2016 Long Distance MI to FL   Bruce K

They all did their job and did it very well.


November 2016 Interstate MI to MN Barb T

Marissa was our coordinator and she was awesome. I had to change our move date 7 times due to our buyers and Melissa took it all in stride and remained pleasant and helpful throughout the whole process. She deserves a raise!! She always got right back with me with answers to my questions and worked with the higher ups to make the last move date happen. We had an antique glass showcase break in 2 places so maybe the loaders need to be a touch more gentle but it’s nothing that cannot be repaired. We had a great experience. Everyone involved was personable, helpful, professional, and got the job done in an expedient manner.


November 2016 Long Distance MI to GA Ann W

Ben (driver) was professional, friendly, and overall a very hard worker. I would recommend him for any of your clients from the more high maintenance to the easy going. His personality and overall professionalism is something for your company to be proud of. He was awesome! Our driver, Ben, loader and deliverer should definitely be recognized. Do not lose him, he is definitely a keeper! Thanks to him our move was stress free!


Robert D November 2016 OH to SC

Ben (driver)  was awesome! Great to work with and very professional.


November 2016 Local MI to MI Janet B

Everyone that I spoke to and worked with were exceptional


November 2016 Long Distance MI to CA Jean R

Overall a very good experience with Mayflower. There was some minor damage to a few pieces of furniture, but it was repaired reasonably quickly & well.


November 2016 Interstate TX to AL Marco P

The crew that did the move was outstanding. Very professional guys, very helpful and super-efficient. I don’t remember the names of the driver and the crew but every single one did an outstanding job!!


November 2016 Long Distance MI to TN Bill G

Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Did a great job packing everything. I’ve moved several times and this was the best packing I’ve ever seen. Everything carefully wrapped and boxes well packed. They did a great job! Friendly, informative and very professional. Robert is great! He had everything well packed in the truck so it didn’t move around, he protected everything before bring stuff in and he supervised the crew to make sure everything was done correctly.


November 2016 interstate MI to IL Gregory S

Great Move!


September 2016 MI to TX Michael W

We had a great experience with the move. We are still going through boxes. Overall this was a lot better move than when we moved to Michigan. Your staff was very helpful especially my contact Sandy.


November 2016 Long Distance MI to MA Jaimee D

Both crews did a fantastic job, but I don’t remember their names specifically.

November 2016 Intrastate MI to MI Gary R

Estimate was low. Might have been our fault. The crew was courteous and fast. Nice job by all members of the crew.


November 2016 Long Distance MI to FL Paula A

They were very professional. The move went very smoothly.

November 2016 Intrastate MI to MI Yvonne D

Robin (estimator) was very pleasant and able to answer all our questions plus provide us with some great packing tips. Marissa (move coordinator) was very accommodating with a few changes we had to make date wise. She also was helpful in explaining our request on our additional stop. She was also prompt in getting back with us when we left a message. Very pleasant person. Jimmy and his crew were great! These 4 men were polite, courteous, and very professional. Since we had an additional stop in our move, we were amazed at how organized they loaded and unloaded the truck they wrapped, handled, and treated our belongings as if it were theirs. Two stops and they handled each one enthusiastically. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Made our moving day a pleasant experience. Kudos to this efficient and quick moving crew. They were also our delivery crew! We were lucky enough to have had Jimmy and his crew for unpacking also. These 4 guys were great. I thought every representative I talked to was very polite and professional.

November 2016 Long Distance MI to AZ Dawn T

Everyone was great from the first step to the last


November 2016 Local MI to MI Kennedy F

The crew was amazing. Definitely would recommend.


November 2016 Intrstatel MI to MI Greg K

John (estimator) was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He made me feel very comfortable with a very stressful situation. Lina (move coordinator) was absolutely wonderful, professional, thorough and checked in frequently to make sure everything was perfect during the entire process. The WHOLE CREW was absolutely fantastic and professional. I was amazed with the speed and care that was taken by all members of the crew. There was absolutely nothing they wouldn’t do or assist with anything I asked. This teas was EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, and a real pleasure to work with. They were on time, efficient, methodical and most of all VERY FRIENDLY & HELPFUL during the whole process.


November 2016 Local MI to MI Amy L

Loved Robin (estimator). Loved my crew – hard workers – very nice.


November 2016 Long Distance MI to FL Douglas S

Robin (estimator) and Marisa (move coordinator) put us at ease. Before contacting Mayflower, we felt overwhelmed by our upcoming move. We felt less frustrated after meeting with them. They always answered questions which made us relax and feel comfortable about the journey we were beginning. The packing crew and driver were outstanding! The truck’s arrival was very timely. We did not have to wait a long time for the truck to arrive. Stony and Donnell were very professional and handled our belongings with care. We had a very positive experience with our move. Everything was done extremely well in a timely manner. From our first encounter with Robin to our final move day, everyone was very knowledgeable, polite and professional. Moving from one side of town to another can be very stressful, however, our cross country move was very smooth with Premier/Mayflower.


July 2016 Interstate IN to MI Sonia H

Pleased overall. All of the movers were friendly and accommodating. The coordinator at the main office was organized and did a great job communicating the specifics of how things worked to me.


August 2016 Interstate VA to TN Quentin H

Friendly and professional crews from loading to unloading, coordinator was polite and professional as well.

November 2016 Local MI to MI Susan B

Sandy (move coordinator) and her team are the best! Could not move without her and I have recommended others to her.


October 2016 Long Distance CA to OH Michael S

Quick and efficient. The cross-country drivers were great and very knowledgeable.


November 2016 Interstate MI to FL Kathy Fink

From start to finish, your staff facilitated all of our questions and concerns. Communications were great and we appreciated the regular check ins pre-move and on move day. We had several “mid-stream” changes that you were happy to accommodate. Your website is a helpful planning tool. Excellent team! Robin did an excellent job estimating. Marissa is the best coordinator ever! John is a great driver and we felt lucky to have him